What Does Nutritional Ketosis Have in Common with Quantum Mechanics?

You know those Magic Eye posters that you stood in front of for hours before seeing the hidden castle? Or those optical illusions floating around the web — you saw an old lady in the picture and your friend saw a young woman? I love experiencing these tricks of the mind! And even more, I love when a new vantage point or piece of information completely changes my perspective on life, the world, and other fundamental topics. Figuratively speaking, this year has been all about seeing the old lady in the picture when I SWORE there was only a young woman.

There are two specific things my mind has done backflips over this summer, both related to science: 1) A high-fat sugar-free (e.g., Ketogenic) diet as an entirely healthier alternative to the USDA food pyramid and 2) Recent discoveries in quantum physics indicating that 96% of the universe may be made up of shtuff astronomers can’t detect called dark energy and dark matter. I hope to dig deeper into my “discoveries” on these topics in later posts, but today I am basking in the idea that, no matter how long we live, we can still comprehensively re-discover aspects of human existence and the universe itself, not to mention the nature of a close friend, cultural institution, favorite city, etc.

My mom is probably exhausted of my “Guess what I just found out!” phone calls, and Zack has probably lost count of how many times he’s had to hold his tongue instead of offering his sage “Yeah, but…” wisdom to my childish exuberance. I can’t help myself, though. I know there will be a season for sifting through the nuggets I’m currently panning for, time to separate the fools gold from the treasure. But right now, I’m on the edge of my seat, thrilling at every glimmer that catches my mind’s eye!


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