Why do I need a Survival Guide?

Ever since I was old enough to write, I kept a diary. The oldest one I’ve got is a Hello Kitty from 1989 with a little lock and key. The weirdest one was written in broken French to prevent anyone sneaking a peek from discovering how depressed I was. The lost ones were on hard drives that crashed, laptops that got stolen, and notepads forgotten in airplane seatback pockets.

Now, solidly in my mid-life, I find that I know deep down in my subconscious how to “just do me” in spite of my tendencies to prioritize fitting in and going with the flow. My intuition has a great deal of data to work from now, and I’d like to capture that in words for my future selves to refer back to when I need to rock the boat. The centered, clear-headed Tash that sits down to write is inevitably more lucid than the bumbling Tuesday afternoon Tash who can’t remember why she purchased that gym membership, or quit drinking alcohol, or decided to lead a Bible study, or moved to California, or had a baby, or married someone so much smarter than her. I hope some of my soulful whisperings to myself offer some encouragement to you on your journey toward an integrated and passionate life!