Five Lifestyle Amenities to which I Aspire


A few quick thoughts on my lunch break. The sun is shining on the screened-in porch where my husband is studying at the table next to me, the birds are calling to each other from the greenery surrounding us, and baby Felicity is on a walk with her Grammy Thompson. This sweet scenario has me thinking about quality of life and blessings that bring me delight. On a whim, these are five lifestyle amenities I hope to have in the years to come:

  1. A screened in porch or sunroom in my home… large large windows if nothing else.
  2. Weekly visits to water (at least). I’ll take river, stream, ocean, lake, creek, hot tub or pool. Just gimme.
  3. Daily meditation practice. I’ve begun using Insight Timer for guided meditations designed to invite sleep at night, but I’d like the practice to be more regular and varied in purpose.
  4. My own herb garden. The glass of fresh mint tea Grammy Thompson made us this morning inspires.
  5. Laughter abundant. I want to be known as someone who laughs much and laughs easily. Bring on the wonder, the hilarity, the absurd. Let’s go crazy, friends!

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