Voice-to-Text Blogging: A New Solution to Tendinitis and Sunshine

Today I experiment with voice-to-text journaling/blogging. For months I’ve been considering this as an alternative to the dreaded paper and keypad.


Dreaded? Why dreaded?


I used to love writing in hardcover journals I could paste magazine pictures into; and I also enjoyed how fast I could type stream of conscious on the computer… but pregnancy brought on tendinitis in my thumbs and both of these options became painful. The tendons are healing now, nearly 3 months after the big birthing day, but I still use my thumbs as an excuse not to write sometimes.


In the past, tech-neck and a distaste for computer screens have also made it hard to convince myself to start and finish a reflection via laptop in the past. When I would clock out of my desk job, I’d either dart for the kitchen to get my hands oily or aim for the closest rays of sunshine and friendship.


Pain and distractions aside, deciding where to archive my reflections has been as hard as deciding what to write. Pen it in a diary to add to the shelf? Add to my 10 year-old public blog? Hide in my five year old private blog? Draft in the “Abundant Literary Life” Google Drive folder I share with writing buddies Amber and Mallie? Write a good old handwritten letter to my penpal Brennan?


Basically I always have an excuse not to reflect on the days events and epiphanies in writing (which I have always been compelled to do).


Well, today I try a new solution! I blend a pain-free writing strategy (voice-to-text via earbuds in my iPhone) with the coveted afternoon walk in sunshine at Tower Grove Park. Felicity enjoys a cozy nap in her hot rod stroller, and Zack works on habeas corpus petitions with Wash U classmates down the street. Everybody is happy, healthy, and doing what they love to do! Good Sunday.

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